Welcome to Archive/Counterarchive

Our Research Network

The Archive/Counter-Archive research network is composed of a vast and diverse array of individuals and organization.

Researchers and Partners

The Archive/Counter-Archive research network is composed of many individual researchers and partner organization from across Canada.

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A photograph of a group of people sitting on chairs on a stage with a large PowerPoint slide digitall projected behind them.

David Garneau, Caroline Monnet, Jennifer Dysart, Adrian Kahgee, and Luke Parnell on stage at the TIFF Bell Lightbox as part of the Indigenous Archives Gathering in 2022.

Student Researchers

Archive/Counter-Archive has a diverse network of student researchers from our four partner universities (Concordia, Toronto Metropolitan, Queen's, and York) and beyond.

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A/CA Student Researchers

Student Researchers at A/CA's 2019 Symposium (L-R: Kyler Chittick, Barbara Matthews, Theo Xenophontos, Michael Marlatt, Mark Barber, Kyla Smith, Axelle Demus, Prakash Krishnan, Anne-Marie Trépanier)

Artists in Residence

Archive/Counter-Archive regularly supports artist residencies within our various partner organizations.

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Four people sitting in chairs beside a podium and in front of a large slide projector screen with a Mac OS desktop displayed on it.

A/CA Artists in Residence David Clark, Jordan King, and Nadine Valcin speaking with A/CA Principal Investigator Janine Marchessault at the Archives of Ontario as part of the 2023 Film and Media Studies Association of Canada Conference.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Archive/Counter-Archive has been the hosting institution for many postdoctoral researchers coming from across Canada and around the world.

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A screenshot of a Zoom slide presentation with a slide depicting a photo of a person standing in front of a colourful art installation and a screenshot of an event poster.

A screenshot from Julia Polyck-O’Neill’s online presentation at the Postdoc Roundtable event during the 2022/23 season of A/CA's ongoing Working Papers series.