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Video Recording | Working Papers Series | Dr. Ana Rita Morais: Remediating the [AR]chival Impulse

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Archive/Counter-Archive is delighted to share the recording of Dr. Ana Rita Morais's Working Papers Series Talk, Remediating the [AR]chival Impulse, which took place on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. 

Dr. Morais's talk provides an overview of key insights cultivated out of her research-creation project me-dérive: toronto– the first augmented reality visual archive of Toronto’s diverse historical narratives. The work has been developed at the intersection of a series of technological, social and cultural insights. These insights make interventions into the omnipresence of locative and app-based media; the spatial turn in social sciences; the use of mobile media for supplementary content in cultural archives and museum spaces alike; the critical importance of cultivating marginalized narratives; the political concern of privacy and safety in varying public spaces; and the duality of virtual and real environments that hold the potential to augment space and place.

Ana Rita Morais is a Portuguese-born, Toronto-based academic, educator, and administrator. She is the Chair of the School of Design at George Brown College, and holds a doctorate from the Communication and Culture Program at Ryerson University. She has devoted much of her academic career to investigating mobile media, including her SSHRC-funded research-creation doctoral project, me-dérive: toronto— an augmented reality counter-archive of Toronto's historical urban environments. Ana Rita is the Principal Investigator on a multi-year NSERC-funded project in partnership with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, a member of the HXOUSE programming team, and a director on the board for The ArQuives.

Archive/Counter-Archive's Working Papers Series brings together PhD students from different Universities to hear about exciting doctoral research in the area of archival studies

Watch the video below!