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New CFMDC Educational Guides on VUCAVU.com

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We are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with VUCAVU to host our A/CA Educational Guides Series! VUCAVU is an online streaming platform that works with independent film and video distributors from across Canada to improve access to and awareness of our country’s filmmakers, video artists, and culture. Each of our freely downloadable PDF guides is now available through VUCAVU.com along with affordably priced film programs ($10 CAD for a one-week rental) that directly correspond to the content of each guide. These guides are easily adaptable to different grades and subjects, and we encourage educators to use them as tools to craft their own syllabi and lesson plans. 

This new partnership with VUCAVU also coincides with the publication of our newest batch of guides focused on the “Beyond the Narrative: Preserving and Mobilizing Canadian LGBT2Q Films from 1970 - 2000 in the CFMDC Collection” A/CA Case Study. Just in time to celebrate Pride, these four new guides cover various topics related to Canadian queer film history. Each has been curated by different members of the A/CA research network and contains an essay and film program crafted by their curator(s). Please click on each of the links below to access each of these “Beyond the Narrative” guides and their film programs on VUCACU.com.

We also want to remind folk that we have two other sets of guides focused on our A/CA Case Studies with the Nova Scotia Archives and Vtape. You can find PDF copies of these guides on the main VUCAVU Educational Guides information page and additional information on their pages on the A/CA website (linked above).