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TFMS virtual panel - Crossing The Finish Line | April 21st, 4pm EST, Zoom


Crossing The Finish Line 

21 April - 4pm on Zoom

This upcoming virtual panel from the Toronto Film and Media Seminar (TFMS) might be of interest to the A/CA network. It is called "Crossing the Finish Line" and includes presentations by soon-to-be or recently graduated Ph.D. students discussing their doctoral experiences and research. The panel is scheduled for next Friday afternoon (April 21st), starting at 4 pm EST.

Use the following link to register for this virtual panel:


Speaker Information

“Using Chatbots to Create Interactive Documentaries” – Julia Salles, Université de Montréal
Julia Salles is a lecturer in Communication studies at Université de Montréal and a researcher at ABCs Developmental Neuropsychology Lab. She is co-curator of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Julia Salles is the author of various publications, including the chapter Curating for communal engagement in VR, in “The changing face of VR: Pushing the boundaries of experience across multiple industries”, edited by Jordan Frith and Michael Saker (Vernon, 2022). Julia Salles’ creations were supported by various international institutions such as the Canada Media Fund, SODEC, Spcine, Oi Futuro, Serrapilheira Institute.

“Unconsummated/Queer Loneliness” — Erin Nunoda, University of Toronto 
Erin Nunoda is a sessional instructor at the University of Toronto. Her research examines queer loneliness, thinking about unconsummated eroticism as an extension of film form, histories of asexuality, and theoretical approaches to frigidity. She is the co-managing editor of Discourse, and her writing has been published in Cultural CritiqueFeminist Media Histories, and Velvet Light Trap.   

“Playing the Fields: Doing Game Studies in an Art History PhD” – Andrew Bailey, York University
Andrew Bailey is a Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow with Archive/Counter-Archive and York University's Cinema and Media Arts Department. He recently earned his Ph.D. in Art History and Visual Culture at York University with a dissertation on formalism and medium-specificity within videogame art history. Andrew also teaches game studies at OCAD University and has previously worked as the Section Head of Essays for First Person Scholar and Co-Vice Editor for Press Start Journal. His writing has been recently published in the Videogame Art Reader, Critical Distance, and Loading: The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, and he has upcoming chapters in edited collections from Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, and Louisiana University Press.