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Moving Homeward | Online Screening in Partnership with Pleasure Dome


Image credit: Via Karelia, Elian Mikkola (Finland, 2021).

PWYC rental at pdome.org
Nov. 10 to 17, 2021
Closing Q&A Nov. 17 at 7 pm EST

Archive/Counter-Archive is thrilled to co-present with Pleasure Dome, Moving Homeward an online screening available as a PWYC rental at pdome.org from Nov. 10 to 17, 2021. Moving Homeward explores the use of the personal and familial archive as a tool for auto-ethnographic investigation and speculative reconstruction of home, family, and affections. In the context of migration, displacement, and loss, how can artists research, deconstruct, reconstruct and expand archives to work through grief, uprootedness, assimilation, and intergenerational trauma? Join us for a closing Q&A Nov. 17 at 7 pm EST, zoom link details at pdome.org. This program is curated by PD Directors Sylvia Nowak and Ana Luisa Bernardez.

Once Upon a Time/Ngày Xửa Ngày Xưa, Han Pham (Canada, 2020) 5:17 mins
Via Karelia, Elian Mikkola (Finland, 2021) 12:36 mins
Green and Red, but Terracotta Red, Federica Foglia, (Canada, 2020) 10:00 mins
Kitchen.blend, Nataliya Ilchuk (Ukraine/France, 2021) 15:00 mins
To Play with a Spinning Top, Jessica Fuquay (USA, xxxx) 12:27 mins

Pleasure Dome is an artist-run presentation organization and publisher dedicated to experimental media. Our organization is committed to presenting artists who expand, fracture, and scrutinize the traditional cinematic spectacle, including those who use moving image technologies that are digital, interactive, or performative.

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