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Archive/Counter-Archive Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Schem Rogerson Bader

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Archive/Counter-Archive is pleased to welcome and host Dr. Schem Rogerson Bader (they/them), our Mitacs Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cinema and Media Arts Department at York University. Their post-doc research will involve working with collections at The ArQuives, focusing on protest, language and social justice.

Dr. Bader is a Mitacs Postdoctoral Fellow with York University and the ArQuives. With a PhD in Communication and Culture from the Joint Graduate Program at York/Ryerson Universities, and an MFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York, Dr. Bader embraces interdisciplinarity and intersections of theory and practice. Focusing on queer history, their research examines historical violence and persistence. Publications such as, Media Studies: Texts, Production and Context (Routledge, 2021. Co-authored with Paul Long), “I, Mabel Hampton: Political Power and The Archive” (PUBLIC, 2018) and “The Idiosyncratic Archive: Queerness, Duration and Photography” (Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender, and Culture, 2018), Dr. Bader places value and importance on discursive technologies while critiquing its complexities.

Dr. Bader will also be engaging in visual research for The ArQuives’ collaboration and participation with Parade, an NFB documentary about LGBTQ2+ movements in Canada. Directed by Noam Gonick and produced by Justine Pimlott, Parade is a legacy NFB documentary that takes a powerful, emotional and visual journey through the rise of Canada’s LGBTQ2+ movement.  Working with collections, both institutional and private, Parade, with the support of The ArQuives, and Archive/Counter-Archive, aims to bring until now hidden caches of imagery to light, revealing for new generations the struggles, personal and collective, that came before them.



The ArQuives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archives acquire and maintain collections related to LGBTQ2+ life in Canada, including books, archival papers, artifacts, audiovisual works, photographs and art. Founded in 1973, The ArQuives have grown to become one of the largest LGBTQ2+ archive in the world. The ArQuives aspire to be a significant resource and catalyst for those who strive for a future world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people are accepted, valued, and celebrated.

Mitacs is a national, not for profit organization that builds partnerships between academia and industry. Mitacs Post Doctorial Fellowships bring academic expertise into a partner organization, working on a specific project related to your area of research. The successful candidate will be required to submit a MITACs proposal to be expedited through the approval process with the support of the host institutions.