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Archival Atelier | Pippin Barr, "Documenting Design with the Method for Design Materialization" 4:30 pm, May 4, Zoom

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Archival Atelier is an ongoing series of workshops and talks originally started in 2022 by Cinemobilia's director of operations, Jean-Pierre Marchant. Within each of these workshops, we invite artists, archivists, and researchers to walk us through a specific aspect of their work and explain how they professionally engage with processes of preservation, documentation, restoration, digitization, and/or archiving.

This year, A/CA's Knowledge Mobilization Officer, Andrew Bailey, is organizing the Archival Atelier workshop series and has gathered a collection of practitioners who all work with archives and repositories of born-digital material.

To see more information on all the other workshops that are being organized as part of this series, visit the following link: 


*Please see the embedded video at the bottom of this page for a recording of this workshop.

”Up Close and Personal: Documenting Design with the Method for Design Materialization"

Workshop Leader: Pippin Barr (Concordia University)

Thursday, May 4th, 2023. 4:30-6 PM EST.  Free. Online / Zoom.

In this workshop, we will introduce the Method for Design Materialization (MDM), an approach to documenting digital design processes at all levels. We will focus on the software engineering technology of version control, a way to track and recover the history of a software development project, showing how it can be used to rigorously track not just changes to software, but the entire design and development lifecycle.

A profile photograph of a man with short dark hair, short facial hair, clear horn-rimmed glasses, and a red and black plaid-patterned shirt. He is standing in front of a wall with a large black and white photograph of a horse.

Pippin Barr is an experimental game designer and Associate Professor of Computation Arts at Concordia University. He is a prolific maker of videogames, producing work addressing everything from airplane safety instructions to the nature of videogames and videogame technologies. He is a well-known figure in the independent and artistic videogame scenes, makes his source code and process documentation publicly available via his presence on GitHub, and his forthcoming book, The Stuff Games Are Made Of (2023, MIT Press), discusses videogame design from the perspective of its materials.